Level 1Edit

This level is moderated by Noise. Entry tickets for Level One must be purchased from Loveme at the Ability Shop. This level takes place at a School in the Red Village.

First Class: Poison LunchEdit

  • First Class
  • Drink of Love
  • Second Class
  • Basics of Lunch
  • Third Class

During "lunchtime," Knock serves participating players special home-made drinks, the Drink of Love, in the school cafeteria on the first floor. The drinks contain a toxic ingredient that slowly poisons the body until it dies and is covered with mold. Players must go to the nurse's office on the fourth floor to receive the antidote within a three-hour limit without using shortcuts, such as teleportation or scrolls. The hallways of each floor are patrolled by the student council, which attack players that come to close proximity with them. The first player to reach the nurse's office is awarded "The Basics of Lunch," a book item worth 500 LP.

Second Class: The Deadly Walk Around the SchoolEdit

Oliver , the P.E. teacher, tests the stamina of the players. Starting from the first floor lobby, players are to walk to the fourth floor and return to the lobby without falling into booby traps. As there is no time limit, the class only ends when the last player reaches the finish line. The first player to complete the walk is awarded “The Basics of P.E.,” a book worth 500 LP. The last player is penalized and has either their eyesight or hearing taken away.

Third Class: Report Card MistakeEdit

The principal of the school, Noise, "wakes up" and discovers the atrocious test results of his students. Players must search the entire school for their individual report card without being detected by him, bring the card to the broadcasting booth on the fourth floor, and announce through the PA system the name, grade, score, and the phrase "There has been a mistake in the report card, Mr. Noise!" The first player to achieve this is the overall winner of Level One, and awarded 2000 LP for clearing the game.

Level 2Edit

  • Level 2 Map
  • The Battle at Arachne's Lair
  • The Dagger With Arachne's Blood
  • Crying Stuffed Toy
  • Lucifer's Red Stuffed Toy
  • Opening up Level 2
  • Lucifer's Fruit

This level is moderated by Micaela. It takes place in the Blue Village.

The Dagger With Arachne's BloodEdit

Rather than an entry ticket, an item called "The Boss: The Dagger With Arachne's Blood" must be collected to enter Level Two. Arachne is a formidable creature that resides in the Cemetery guarded by Zombies and has the ability to transform its appearance into that of its opponent's beloved. Players must defeat Arachne, dip a Divine Sword in its blood, and bring the item to Micaela in the Church.

Stage 1: The Hunt of the Crying Stuffed ToysEdit

Teams must capture one of the four Crying Stuffed Toys roaming the Blue Village. The team that seizes Lucifer's Red Stuffed Toy is rewarded 500 LP. Teams that fail to capture a Toy cannot proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: PVPEdit

One player from each team is selected to battle in PVP at the World Tree Field. Players find Winged Devices and use them to pluck Lucifer's Fruit from the top of the World Tree. The first player that overcomes obstacles, monsters, and attacks from opposing players and plucks Lucifer's Fruit wins.

Stage 3: Lucifer's GardenEdit

In his attempts to revive his deceased parents, NPC Mika accidentally summoned an evil demon, Lucifer, that slaughtered many innocent lives within his village. As punishment, NPC Villagers demand his death in sacrifice to send the demon away. To clear the level, players must either use the Dagger With Arachne's Blood to sacrifice Mika or the Divine Sword to purify Lucifer.

Level 3Edit

Level Three is left by the inhabitants of the game. It has no opening date and users are allowed to leave even if they do not clear the game. After clearing Level 3, players are allowed to go to the Backyard Garden and join or make guilds, and learn the special ability: Limit Breaker. This level is set on NPC Barry Arthur's Nation; it is the largest field out of all the existing game fields.

Stage 1Edit

Players compete in groups and are required to protect the core of their castle, while removing the core from all enemy castles. Players are given headphone sets to communicate with their teammates. Everything is permitted, including PVP, potions, and scrolls. If a player kills another user, life points will be rewarded; if a player destroys an enemy core, bonus life points will be given. The inhabitants of the game will also participate in this stage and randomly attack users from the central castle. Players are only allowed to attack the inhabitants who invade their castles.

Level 4Edit

Level 5Edit

So far, this is the highest level that has been cleared. There are 40 players who have cleared this level, including Elliot Baek and Jay.

Level 6Edit

Level 6 is a guild battle and can only start once a certain number of players reach this level.

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